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Stream Datacloud Global Congress

Stream Heads to Datacloud Global Congress: The Inside Scoop on Location Strategy, Hyperscale Needs and More

Stream Data Centers, an industry leader in delivering exceptional data center experiences, is no stranger to the event circuit. However, after a big, big year full of exciting developments and achievements, the team’s trip to Datacloud Global Congress this year promises to be an exciting one. 

For more than two decades, Stream has lived and breathed its mission of delivering the brightest people, the best solutions and game-changing collaborative approaches to IT infrastructure. That dedication has seen the company build a portfolio of outstanding data centers — like those in Chicago, Minneapolis and beyond — but they haven’t stopped there. This year alone, the Stream team has been on a tear, expanding its leadership team with no less than eight new heavy hitters. This array of personnel assets includes one of the two leading ladies headed to the event: Yvonne Deir, VP of Hyperscale Leasing and Development. 

Attending Datacloud Global Congress together with Katie O’Hara, Stream’s VP of Strategic Relationships, Yvonne brings some key insights to the table about what some of the biggest players in today’s tech landscape are looking for in a data center. As someone with an established tenure in the cloud and hyperscale space, she is keenly attuned to changes in the market, which helps Stream stay agile and meet clients exactly where their futures are. At the same time, Katie — also crucial to the Stream customer success story — comes prepared to share how the company’s advanced approach to IT infrastructure complements evolving mandates for clients across any and every mission-critical industry. 

Speaking of advanced approaches, one of the jewels in Stream’s crown is its Location Strategy and Development offering. Headed up by a team full of (relatively) new additions with strong, proven data center acumen (like VP of Development Oisin O Murchu and SVP of Location Strategy and Development Mike Lebow), this solution offers game-changing benefits. This Stream special offers customers the benefit of industry experts assessing market conditions, gathering data points and developing a list of Critical Location Factors — not to mention working closely with stakeholders in a region or utility territory to identify a long list of on- and off-market properties. Stream’s team rigorously vets sites and down-selects with a data-driven approach, offering a strategic, systematic solution to sourcing the very best locations for IT to thrive, effectively taking the guesswork and the risk out of the occasion for customers. That’s a significant value in this fast-moving, demanding data landscape. 

Of course, these are only a few of the cards that Stream has up its sleeve for this event, and luckily, the on-site team will be giving a peek behind the curtain during their JSA TV at Datacloud Global Congress — so be sure not to miss it when it goes live at 10:20AM local on Wednesday, April 26.

Otherwise, if you’d like to learn more about Stream (or meet with the team at Datacloud Global Congress), click here

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