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SVP of Global Accounts and Platform Strategy

Stream Data Centers Welcomes New SVP of Global Accounts and Platform Strategy

The term ‘customer experience’ is so frequently used (and overused) that sometimes it can seem like it means next to nothing anymore. After all, every company delivers some kind of customer experience, whether for better or for worse — and competing to offer the best experiences is one of the most challenging things any provider can do. Still, to Stream Data Centers — a data center provider that stakes its name on delivering exceptional, industry-leading experiences — the customer experience means everything. That’s why the addition of its new SVP of Global Accounts and Platform Strategy, Jose Ruiz, is big news. 

In this newly created role, Jose is on tap to deepen and enrich customer experiences even further while enhancing customer engagement. He brings more than a decade of global experience in data center development, engineering, operations and strategy to the team and will ensure Stream continually aligns its offerings with evolving customer needs. 

As a former Lieutenant Commander and Naval Aviator for the U.S. Navy, Jose delivers a unique commitment to leadership, innovation and excellence in his role as SVP. Along with his strategic combination of technical acumen, industry experience and leadership skill (which has helped him establish multi-billion-dollar joint ventures and secure several pivotal data center patents), he’s poised to be a powerful talent on the growing Stream leadership team. 

Rob Kennedy, Co-Managing Partner stated, “Jose’s outstanding reputation in the data center industry, coupled with his proven commitment and ability to help customers navigate the complex landscape of capacity needs in an innovation-driven environment, makes him a great strategic addition to the team.”   

In his role, Jose is set to:

  • Further hone Stream’s customer engagement strategy
  • Enhance the company’s proven track record of problem-solving and agility
  • Oversee both product and asset management to ensure Stream’s platform is positioned to meet clients’ evolving needs
  • Spearhead the hiring and training of a new team of technical project management professionals

All of this will ensure the company can continue to meet even the most exacting needs of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data center users. 

“I am deeply grateful to be entrusted with this role at such a pivotal time for Stream and our industry. Stream seeks to go beyond the transactional and instead fosters enduring commercial relationships supported by deep understanding of our customer’s unique requirements and objectives.  It’s not just about data center capacity; it’s about capability, innovation, and accelerating Stream’s growth in this dynamic market.” 

To read the press release in its entirety, click here.

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