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Stream Solutions Architecture

Stream Data Centers: Looking Toward The Future of Solutions Architecture

When tailoring software engineering to meet specific business needs, solution architecture has always been tough to succinctly describe. To many business stakeholders, it can appear nebulous and muddy in its definition. Part of the reason that a firm classification of solutions architecture remains so elusive is because it is constantly in flux, always advancing in step with new technologies and design methods.

A New Era For Solutions Architecture

As Deloitte’s Graham Perrins describes, “The rapidly changing landscape of solution technologies has taken us from the single server monolithic applications to today’s collection of cloud commoditised solution services, components, and containerised deployment frameworks that have enabled the creation of complex distributed solutions”. Technology is progressing at break-neck speed and solutions architecture must always be adapting to keep up.

Stream Data Centers recognizes the growing need for a new breed of solutions architects. Competing in the data center industry has become increasingly  complex for enterprises looking to leverage aspects like cloud computing, low latency applications, and the Internet of Things. More than ever, data centers need expert advice from individuals versed in both the technical aspects of an organization’s offered solutions as well as the particulars of client needs – and the know-how to bridge the two.

Stream Looks to the Future

In response to the evolution of solutions architecture Stream has marshalled a new direction in the form of a new-look department headed by new face Mike Licitra who will serve as Vice President. The hiring is a move toward cutting architecture solutions and enhanced customer service. Licitra’s background and knowledge in the areas of engineering, data center operations, and finance will serve as a way to connect the organization’s technical adeptness with the exact solutions their customers are looking for.

“By adding Mike Licitra to our team, we are beginning a new chapter in Stream’s ever-evolving approach to providing cutting edge client solutions “As enterprises increasingly move from on-prem application hosting to cloud computing and hybrid cloud solutions, their needs are growing increasingly complex. To ensure our customers always get the best-in-class service they want, we have created a new Solutions Architecture department, which Mike will lead. This is just another way that we deliver on our commitment to provide value to our customers”.

-Michael Lahoud, Chief Operating Officer, Stream Data Centers

For Stream, the addition of Licitra signals an effort to exceed client expectations by ensuring a team with a specialized set of skills is always there to craft the perfect solution – translating a company’s IT needs into a lockstep design plan.  “We are all about leveraging industry knowledge, technical expertise and a client-centric perspective to establish a perfect conduit for creating specialized data center solutions, and I am thrilled to be a part of that”, says Licitra. While nobody may know the future of solutions architecture, Lahoud, Licitra, and their team at Stream are positioning themselves to be on top of whatever is around the corner.

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