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Stream and T-Systems Are Partnering to Deliver Advanced Hybrid Cloud in Houston

As businesses across the world evolve, they need cloud and data center options that are backed by best-in-class services and state-of-the-art solutions that provide the best of resilience, security, sustainability and more. T-Systems, a leading provider of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions to major corporations and public-sector organizations across the globe, is always on the hunt for partners that can help them achieve these goals for customers. That’s why they recently chose Stream Data Centers’ Houston campus in the Woodlands to host customers and help deliver innovative cloud operation services both locally and globally. 

Why T-Systems Selected Stream

The announcement of this collaboration was just released by Stream Data Centers, the industry leader in delivering exceptional data center experiences to global enterprise companies. T-Systems has recently been expanding its newest hybrid cloud platform and discovered a need for a strategically-located data center that could support its high-density demands and its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. A rigorous RFP process revealed that Stream and its Houston campus provided a host of advantages, including an ideal geographical setting, energy procurement services, deep operational expertise and additional strategic offerings such as high-density capabilities that could meet all of T-Systems’ needs. 

Choosing Stream also enables T-Systems to leverage a partnership with Megaport, enriching its public cloud connections and expanding its ability to deliver a robust hybrid cloud platform. Stream’s large rooms, 3-foot raised floors and tall ceilings ensure the ambient temperature remains easily controlled even for high-density deployments, which means that T-Systems’ tailored cooling and power-per-rack demands can be easily met. The company’s multi-stage sustainability goals (T-Systems ultimately aims to fully eliminate its carbon footprint) are also supported by Stream’s LEED certification and insights into strategic energy procurement and efficient usage. 

“Our mission is to provide the best solutions to our customers, with the right partners, using state-of-the-art technology,” states Mauro Guzelotto, Head of Cloud Services for T-Systems. “It was in the spirit of that mission that we decided to partner with Stream, and we are very excited about the value and possibilities that Stream brings to the table. Another key element of our decision was sustainability, and I am confident that our decision to partner with Stream will contribute to our sustainability strategy by helping us be more energy efficient.”  

Key Information on Stream’s Houston I Facility

The Houston I facility T-Systems selected is located outside of the 500-year floodplain and has 185 mph wind ratings with an uplift-rated building and equipment yard. As a result, the facility has offered 100% power and cooling uptime for the last 8 consecutive years — even when defending against 1,000-year storms like Hurricane Harvey and Winter Storm Uri. It is also connected to a separate power grid from T-Systems’ core facility, which allows for added redundancy. 

“With this symbiotic partnership in place, Houston-area customers can enjoy T-Systems’ leading suite of IT service offerings and leverage their innovative platforms to further their own digital transformation initiatives,” adds Chad Rodriguez, Vice President of Network and Cloud at Stream Data Centers. “Being selected by a global leader like T-Systems is a great testament to Stream’s Woodlands facility and team members.”

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