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Strategic Venue Partners Hosts Open Forum on 5G Implementation for Healthcare CIOs and CTOs

On May 25, at 1 pm EST, Strategic Venue Partners (SVP) will host a healthcare-oriented virtual roundtable titled “The Healthcare Executive’s Roadmap to 5G.” In this live-streamed open forum, SVP leadership, including a former executive from AT&T, will demystify 5G and the IoT for healthcare CIOs and CTOs.

Topics that will be covered during the virtual event include:

  • Why Healthcare Organizations Need 5G
  • 5G’s Requirements for Wireless Network Infrastructure  
  • Challenges Healthcare Leaders Encounter When Upgrading Cellular Wireless Networks for 5G
  • A Carrier View on Connectivity and Upgrades in Healthcare
  • Opportunities for Healthcare Organizations to get 5G fast

To register for the event, click here.

Leveraging 5G in Healthcare Comes with Unique Challenges

5G is set to revolutionize healthcare and patient outcomes. According to PWC, this cellular technology will help create a whole new healthcare ecosystem, involving advanced telehealth, remote surgery, wearable IoT devices for patient monitoring and the transfer of large medical files.

The problem? Procuring the wireless infrastructure solutions needed to enable 5G throughout the healthcare venue is complex and expensive. In fact, implementing wireless solutions traditionally involves making high capital expenditures that come with uncertain future costs. With patient lives on the line and a pressing need to manage the bottom line, healthcare leaders need affordable solutions that can speed time to 5G deployment. With its unique wireless-connectivity-as-a-service offering, SVP removes the exorbitant capital expenses typically needed to upgrade wireless infrastructure for 5G, instead offering healthcare organizations a highly affordable, stable operating expense.

SVP’s virtual event will help healthcare leaders understand their options for paving a pathway to 5G that will work for them, allowing them to free up valuable human and financial capital for investment in the revolutionary, patient-oriented tools and processes that will shape healthcare for years to come.

Why You Should Attend the Virtual Event

Kevin Hetrick, SVP’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO), will play a key role in the online event. As a former AT&T executive, he brings a keen insight into how big-name carriers budget for connectivity and upgrades in the healthcare industry. With a seasoned background in engineering, designing and operating wireless infrastructure, especially around 5G, Strategic Venue Partners Hosts Open Forum on 5G Implementation for Healthcare CIOs and CTOs Kevin can help healthcare leaders understand their options for upgrading their wireless networks in a way that keeps patient information safe and secure.

Justin Marron, CEO of SVP, and Eric Dahl, VP of Business Development, will also be on-hand to field questions from attendees. Both are experts in providing hospitals and healthcare facilities with modern, scalable wireless network connectivity solutions that maximize operational efficiencies while improving patient care.

This virtual roundtable will prove useful to decision-makers in healthcare by illuminating both the benefits of 5G as well as the financial and technical solutions available for adopting it within the healthcare setting. Claim your seat today (and get a free lunch if you’re in the first 100 people to sign up)!



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