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Strategic Investments and Global Expansion Continues for EdgeConneX as 2021 Comes to a Close

EdgeConneX has made a strategic investment in Chayora, a leading data center provider in China. The partnership with Chayora provides EdgeConneX with data center offerings in Beijing and Shanghai, two of the largest markets in China, along with the ability to scale out Chayora’s platform to other major markets throughout mainland China. 

Combined with its over 50 global markets, Chayora’s data center offerings in China provides a worldwide platform for data center customers requiring either hyperlocal edge capacity that is highly proximate to their end users or hyperscale capacity built to suit customers’ unique specifications.  

“Over the last ten years, EdgeConneX built out its global data center platform by working with our customers to give them the data center capacity where they want it, when they want it and at the scale they want it,” said Randy Brouckman, CEO of EdgeConneX. 

“China represents the largest and one of the most challenging markets for global digital infrastructure users and through the team we have built in Chayora, we can address all demands, to any scale for the world’s largest data center customers,” said Oliver Jones, CEO of Chayora Holdings. 

In a data center market that is forecast to triple in size by 2025, Chayora has an existing hyperscale, carrier-neutral data center campus serving Beijing and a new campus in Shanghai that is under development. The facilities across the two campuses can jointly scale to over 200MW IT load with access to 100% renewable energy, and Chayora also has the ability to expand into other leading Chinese markets.  Chayora holds all relevant licenses to operate and connect its data centers and provide cloud services access to 100% renewable energy.

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Learn more about EdgeConneX at https://www.edgeconnex.com/

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