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Starline M70 Critical Power Monitor

Starline, a Legrand Brand, Launches 3rd Generation of Critical Power Monitor

Starline, a Legrand brand, has launched the M70 Critical Power Monitor (CPM), the third generation of its flagship energy meter. Initially introduced in 2014, the Starline CPM has been the preferred method for data center busway power monitoring globally. Now, the new M70 CPM will help Starline’s customers achieve even greater energy efficiency at their mission-critical and energy-intensive sites, catering to diverse sectors such as data centers and hospitals.

As global energy consumption continues to rise, with projections estimating a significant increase in electric power generating capacity by 2050, the demand for efficient and power-dense solutions in mission-critical spaces is soaring. And with that comes just as critical a need for revenue-grade energy monitoring systems. The M70 CPM addresses this need by providing site managers and decision-makers with real-time data for optimizing their electrical infrastructure.

The M70 CPM offers unmatched granularity in monitoring, whether at the power feed, branch-circuit level, or stand-alone enclosure. It features a range of functionalities, including temperature monitoring, audible alarms, and a pivoting display for easy visual access. With an extensive communications protocol offering, LED and LCD displays for real-time data reference and the ability to configure it with DCIM and BMS packages, the M70 CPM will transform power monitoring across industries.

John Berenbrok, Product Director at Starline, emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation and customer needs with the M70 CPM. He says, “The M70 builds on our legacy of being at the forefront of technology, especially as it is also the only meter that will work optimally with track busway systems thanks to its compact size.”

The new M70 also allows up to six current transformer inputs compared to the one or two that competitor power monitors typically permit. The M70 CPM focuses on robustness, innovation, and flexibility, providing customers with essential information for increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs through preventative maintenance.

For more details on M70 CPM specifications, read the full release here or download the brochure on Starline’s Critical Power Monitor.

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