Spencer Building Carrier Hotel Announces New Vancouver Center

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel Officially Announces Plans To Build New, State-of-the-Art Carrier Hotel in Downtown Vancouver

The downtown Vancouver core is about to be a lot more connected. While attending PTC ‘22 this week, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel released an official announcement about its plans to build a new carrier hotel in the downtown Vancouver area. 

With technology and capabilities that will include over 20,000 connected fibers, the ability to support up to 20kW+ per cabinet, and more, the brand new build promises to deliver extended power and connectivity to all of Western Canada. 

The 43,000 sq. ft. facility is being built with direct connection to the iconic Harbour Centre, tapping into the extensive network of operators, exchanges, and major international providers. The Harbour Centre’s network combined with Spencer Building Carrier Hotel’s gateways to Asia and the new Cascadia fiber trunk – which provides connection to Seattle, the Westin Building Exchange, and future Washington landing points – provide the perfect foundation for the brand-new center to offer customized support and access to customers of all sizes. 

“Harbour Centre has served as a major force not only in Vancouver, but for Western Canada as a whole,” said Director of Data Center Infrastructure and Operations, Chris Jones. “Being able to tap into that history, network and renewable energy while improving the future for Vancouver’s connectivity is truly a monumental opportunity that we are proud to be a part of.”

The brand-new center is set to be complete in April 2023

You can read the full release here

For more information about Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, visit www.spencerbuilding.com.

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