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Spencer Building Carrier Hotel Begins Construction of Vancouver’s Newest, Cutting-Edge Data Center

 Company aims to redefine the region’s digital landscape

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel has officially obtained all required permits to commence the construction of its revolutionary data center in Vancouver’s iconic Harbour Centre. The eagerly awaited project aims to meet the escalating demands of the city’s digital infrastructure and connectivity requirements, promising to be Vancouver’s most advanced and sustainable data center.

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel New LogoThe commencement of construction, scheduled for August 2023, marks a significant milestone for the city as it looks forward to the completion and launch of operations in the fourth quarter of 2024. The data center boasts a forward-thinking, energy-efficient design that utilizes free cooling opportunities, setting new industry benchmarks for both technological prowess and adherence to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

The unique collaboration between Spencer Building Carrier Hotel and Harbour Centre has successfully repurposed the historic Spencer Building, an architectural gem originally built in 1926. This ambitious endeavor combines heritage architecture with cutting-edge IT infrastructure and connectivity services, offering businesses, cloud providers, and service providers the direct, high-speed connections required for their digital transformations.

Chris Jones, the Director of Data Center Infrastructure and Operations at Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The arrival of Spencer Building Carrier Hotel in Vancouver is a testament to our commitment to offering premiere data center services that are economically viable for our customers and backed by the rich connectivity legacy of Harbour Centre. This unique blend will redefine the data center experience, helping us empower businesses and service providers of all sizes.”

Beyond addressing the pressing need for advanced data center capacity in the region, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel is determined to provide cost-effective solutions to its customers in a city known for its high costs. This data center will be strategically located close to Harbour Centre’s extensive connectivity ecosystem, offering a premier location for businesses seeking robust and reliable connections.

A symbol of the strong partnership between Harbour Centre and Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, the unveiling of an updated logo reinforces their commitment to innovation and collaboration. The refreshed logo embodies the meeting point of rich history and pioneering innovation.

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel is poised to become Vancouver’s premier, state-of-the-art data center, connecting providers in Canada, Asia, and various international locations. Serving as the primary gateway for interconnections between western Canada, the U.S., and APAC, this cutting-edge facility will provide direct access to all major Canadian telecommunications providers, Tier 1 network operators, and peering exchanges, including a direct connect to VANIX, solidifying its position as the primary connectivity hub in Downtown Vancouver.

For more information about Spencer Building Carrier Hotel and its groundbreaking data center project, please visit their official website at spencerbuilding.com.


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