South Reach Networks Leverages LightRiver’s WaveWatch

South Reach Networks Leverages LightRiver’s WaveWatchTM to Enhance Customer Experience

A new partnership between South Reach Networks (SRN) and LightRiver is set to leverage LightRiver’s WaveWatch framework to autonomously control customer networks and services through the use of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPs). Based on LightRiver’s netFLEX® transport automation platform, WaveWatch provides advanced data and analytics to address issues before they are service disrupting and/or reduce the impact of those impairments that are unavoidable. 

South Reach Networks continues its expansion throughout the Southeast US and this partnership will ensure maximized network availability and customer experience for the organization.

“As demand for non-stop-networking increases, the requirement for advanced automation and analytics is paramount to ensure that we differentiate our customer experiences across all of our networks and services,” states Mike Sevret, President of South Reach Networks. “SRN continues to expand the network for scale, reach, intelligence and availability, as complemented by industry leading visibility and control solutions like WaveWatch.”  

“We are proud to partner with South Reach Networks as the company continues to expand its industry differentiated infrastructure supporting wavelength services, advanced fiber solutions, edge pop facilities, IP services and broader,” adds Mike Jonas, President of Global Customer Operations for LightRiver. “Automation that is data-driven really comes into its own when coupled with the latest next generation technologies as extended by SRN within their networks and services.”

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