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Some eero(s) don’t wear capes

Vyve Broadband has teamed with eero to provide ultra-fast, reliable whole-home mesh wifi network connectivity, enabling faster speeds, enhanced security, and unsurpassed control

Vyve believes that access to information, literature, scholarly articles, arts and sciences, entertainment, politics, and people (among many others) are the building blocks of opportunity. With this relationship, Vyve is continuing its founding mission to provide essential high-speed internet services to traditionally underserved communities, regardless of location or socioeconomics.  

The new agreement with eero will enhance Vyve’s internet offering by leveraging eero’s mesh wifi systems which optimize their performance based on a household’s network layout, connected devices, and overall network usage. This results in fast speeds, efficient coverage, and a reliable connection for Vyve’s customers. 

“Having a strong, reliable connection to your home is only as good as your ability to provide that strong connection to all of the devices under the roof,” comments Phil Spencer, Chief Executive Officer, Vyve Broadband. “Teaming with eero helps us get that strong Vyve broadband signal to all of your devices without sacrificing speed, reliability, or security. Our eero-enabled wifi service provides an additional layer of management and troubleshooting abilities and the ability to deliver remote support to help our customers manage their eero devices and subscriptions. We’re thrilled to be teaming with a world-class whole-home wifi provider.” 

Every eero device comes with encryption and security protocols. And for more advanced security, eero Secure protects your growing online life, helping to keep your personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats.

To learn more about Vyve’s eero-enabled Wi-Fi services, call 855-734-VYVE (8983) or visit https://www.vyvebroadband.com/.

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