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SoftwareOne Hong Kong Expands Cloud Connectivity In APAC Through New Console Connect Partnership

SoftwareOne Hong Kong can help businesses in the Asia Pacific region elevate their cloud connectivity thanks to a new partnership with Console Connect.

Console Connect, a leading global Network-as-a-Service provider, announced that SoftwareOne Hong Kong has joined its PartnerConnect program, giving SoftwareOne customers an easy, secure and efficient way to access major cloud providers around the world. 

Through the PartnerConnect program, businesses in Hong Kong and the greater Asia Pacific region can set up and manage their connectivity to clouds and digital infrastructure in real time and on demand. Console Connect brings direct connections to the major cloud hyperscalers, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS, on a high-performance global network, which provides higher speed, security and performance for mission-critical workloads and applications. 

“We are excited to begin this collaboration with SoftwareOne to help more local businesses in Asia Pacific access the Console Connect NaaS platform and turbocharge their journey to the cloud,” said Michael Glynn, Senior Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation for Console Connect. “Cloud connectivity is an important consideration for today’s businesses, and Console Connect makes it easier for them to set up and manage direct cloud connect services with leading hyperscale cloud providers.”

“The move to the cloud presents new connectivity challenges for businesses,” said Patrick Lam, General Manager of SoftwareOne Hong Kong. Console Connect provides a more flexible and faster way for our customers to directly connect with cloud providers worldwide using a familiar cloud-like consumption-based model. We look forward to growing our collaboration with Console Connect.”  

Read the full announcement here.

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