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Skymount Medical’s CTO Talks: The Future of AI Technology’s Impact on the Global Health Crisis

In recent years, Big Tech may have gotten discredited for its myriad of business decisions. However, there are existing tech companies that are making positive changes to society, health and the environment. Chris Galliano, Chief Technology Officer of Skymount Medical, recently sat down with Authority Magazine to discuss such an impact. Galliano, alongside the Skymount Medical team, combines invention, innovation and humanitarian ethics with technical acumen to create a sustainable impact in today’s world. 

DeepDrug™ an AI platform revolutionizing the medical field

At Skymount, Galliano oversees all efforts behind DeepDrug™, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for discovering new drug therapies. DeepDrug™ is unique in the field of artificial intelligence: it is a multidiscipline platform that can reduce decades of research into months, which is more efficient and cost-effective than current methods.

“The DeepDrug™ AI platform gives us major advancements in understanding, allowing our team to leapfrog existing technology and have the type of impact required to resolve global health crises,” says Galliano.

Using technology to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

And the results are evident DeepDrug™ is behind the creation of an oral COVID-19 therapeutic, SM-19, which is proven 97% effective in cell and animal testing and FDA-approved for other purposes. A team of the world’s top doctors, mathematicians, pharmacologists, chemists, scientists, and researchers used the DeepDrug™ platform to develop SM-19. The oral treatment will be starting human trials in the United States and Europe.

“There are worldwide consequences to this pandemic to the global pediatric population: this is a major concern,” he says. “Long COVID is another major concern: there are long term impacts that we have yet to model, and sadly, the overall life expectancy will decline year over year until we field a comprehensive plan to shut COVID down.”

Along with SM-19, DeepDrug™ has also aided in developing several breakthrough technologies, including the first AI recommended dietary supplement, Inhibinol™, new treatments for COVID-positive patients, and treatments for patients in ICU. Moreover, Skymount, with the aid of Louisiana State University’s computer science research department, is continually working to develop drugs and nutraceuticals through DeepDrug™, leveraging science and innovation to creatively stall the virus.

The future of global health
“I’m confident that within the next ten years, DeepDrug™ will help us eradicate not only COVID, but also global neglected diseases such as Leishmaniasis, Zika, Ebola, black fungus, up to five types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and an illness that is near and dear to my heart because my father has it — Multiple Sclerosis.”

As for the future, Skymount plans to build a phone app, which will help locate and direct COVID therapeutics closest to the patient. A concept the company expects to pilot in several countries before the end of the year.

To learn more about Galliano.’s backstory, his inspiration and motivation, and the DeepDrug™ technology, click here.

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