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Shareef Alshinnawi Joins Iceotope: Bridging the Gap Between Data Center Cooling and Sustainability

Shareef Alshinnawi Joins Iceotope: Bridging the Gap Between Data Center Cooling and Sustainability

Iceotope Technologies, a global leader in precision liquid-cooling technology, welcomes Shareef Alshinnawi as Vice President of Strategic Accounts.

Shareef brings over 20 years of diverse experience to his new role, including expertise in sales, business and program management, enterprise server solutions, customer/supplier relations and bid strategy. He is also a regular guest speaker at the University of North Carolina and Michigan State University, as well as a prolific inventor with more than 70 USPTO-issued patents to date. In his most recent role as Director of Edge Computing Services at OEM manufacturer Lenovo, he built significant relationships with many world-renowned technology companies including AWS, Microsoft and Red Hat. 

His focus at Iceotope is on business development amongst tier 1 cloud service providers as well as engagement with OEMs and chip manufactureres for joint development and licensing. 

“What really attracted me to Iceotope was its solution: a comprehensive range of liquid-cooling solutions, differentiated from other liquid cooling approaches by the ability to scale in a form-factor familiar to anyone who’s ever visited or worked in a data centre,” said Alshinnawi. 

David Craig, CEO, Iceotope Technologies said, “We warmly welcome Shareef Alshinnawi to the Iceotope team. …With his excellent career credentials, working for some of the world’s largest manufacturers of servers and storage, Shareef helps us to have conversations that bridge the gap between facilities and IT using language which is penetrable by all.” 

Speaking of his further responsibilities, Alshinnawi added: “Beside growing and accelerating the adoption of Iceotope’s precision liquid-cooling solutions, my role has a heavy focus on sustainability – specifically helping data centre designers, owners and operators to lower the carbon footprint associated with cooling IT servers and minimizing facility water use.”

For more details, visit www.iceotope.com.


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