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SES Networks Announces Webinar | The Connected Pacific: Roadmap to o3b mPOWER

SES Webinar - The Connected Pacific

We invite you to join us for a one-of-a-kind discussion that will take you into space to discover the future of connectivity and how it can benefit the Pacific community. Register Here for the webinar on October 29th at 10:00 AM Sydney Time.

SES Networks has influenced the digital landscape across the Pacific and empowered island nations with improved internet access through it’s O3b MEO Constellation. With the launch of O3b mPOWER, SES Networks and their partners will provide even more flexible and scalable connectivity in the region, expanding reach, enhancing existing networks and bridging the digital divide.

Topics Highlighted in the Webinar:

  • How satellite connectivity reduces operational costs and enhances fiber’s advantages in long-term scalability for all island nations in the Pacific.
  • How satellite technologies, like the existing O3b MEO constellation, offer fiber-like, low-latency network resiliency solutions.
  • How the next-generation satellite communications system, O3b mPower, will match fiber’s performance and provide unprecedented system scale and flexibility to extend network reach and opportunities to the main islands.

Featured Speakers:

  • John Turnbull, Sales Director, Australia and Pacific, SES Networks
  • Stephen G Barr, Manager, Portfolio and Solutions Marketing, Networks & Platform, SES Networks
  • Naren Yanamadala, President & CEO, Blue Arcus Technologies, Inc.

The first 50 registrants that join the webinar will receive a US$20 MasterCard Gift Card! T&C apply.

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