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Serverfarm Launches Cloud-Based Global NOC and More Robust Version of Its AI-Powered InCommand Platform

Serverfarm, the global data center developer and operator, announced today significant enhancements to its award-winning InCommand Services platform to meet the needs of enterprise and service provider executives who are looking to allocate resources on innovation, digital transformation and customer services, leaving data center management to experts.

For Serverfarm clients, these updates deliver: 

  • Additional intelligence and insights around their data center and IT infrastructure and operations through the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) dashboard
  • Automated reports showing trending data alongside Serverfarm’s guidance on proactive improvements
  • Further assurance that Serverfarm’s NOC will continue the same quality of operations even in the case of incidents such as natural disasters and pandemics 

InCommand is Serverfarm’s proprietary integrated platform, which gathers all physical assets in IT, facility and data center environments and presents them as a virtualized service – creating a cloud-like experience for any data center. Using sensors and artificial intelligence-powered applications, InCommand monitors all customer infrastructure, aggregating data across devices in one portal. Serverfarm’s global NOC team – which can operate remotely from around the world using the cloud-based platform – then sifts through the noise of tens of thousands of alerts and delivers actionable insights to IT leaders and executives. The AI backbone means that every day InCommand operates – with each new customer and each new alert – the system learns, and all Serverfarm clients benefit. 

“We’re injecting automation, efficiency and sustainability into every stage of the IT pipeline and delivering true Data Center Management as a Service (DMaaS),” said Ziv Catriel, Serverfarm’s CTO. “This latest iteration of InCommand introduces an elevated level of large-scale automation, with the platform aggregating data from various systems over long periods of time, providing both real-time presentation for Serverfarm’s InCommand NOC services while also enabling our customer support team to provide trends and analytics that save companies millions in CapEx and OpEx. Today’s enterprise and service provider executives would rather spend resources on innovation, digital transformation and customer services, leaving data center management to experts who run these facilities day in and day out. InCommand is the fully managed solution to that growing market demand.” 

InCommand has proven the ability to increase infrastructure capacity utilization rates from 30% to 80%. InCommand recently won “Most Innovative IT Service” in the 2019 IT World Awards. Serverfarm’s digital transformation of its London data center – a project powered by InCommand – won DCD>Awards’ Data Center Modernization Project of the Year as well as SDC Awards’ Digital Transformation Project of the Year and Hosting/Colocation Innovation of the Year. 

To learn more about InCommand, click here.

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