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Serverfarm Joins Climate Pact and DDA + White Paper on DCIDD

Serverfarm Joins Two European Sustainability Organizations & Introduces DCIDD Concept

Serverfarm’s been busy this week!  The global data center developer and operator – and the world’s leading Data Center Management as a Service (DMaaS) provider – announced this morning that it has joined two European data center organizations: the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact and Dutch Data Center Association (DDA). By signing the pact and joining the DDA, Serverfarm is making new public commitments to support the company’s long-standing sustainability mission.

Serverfarm’s approach is to reuse and modernize facilities, applying its Data Center Management as a Service (DMaaS) solution powered by InCommand to manage enterprise workloads in an automated, highly efficient manner — thereby reducing the need for carbon-intensive data center builds. This strategy results in up to an 88% reduction in embodied carbon emission when compared with standard new construction.

“With data centers in Amsterdam and London and executives across EMEA, Serverfarm’s footprint in Europe is growing, yet we’re dedicated to keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum,” said Jochem Steman, Serverfarm’s Vice President of Colocation Europe and an Amsterdam native.

Serverfarm has been growing rapidly across Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. and Canada, with more than 700 locations now under management across more than 40 countries.

Serverfarm Introduces DCIDD (Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt) Concept With Release Of In-Depth Enterprise White Paper

The Climate Pact and DDA news comes on the heels of another announcement from Serverfarm this week. The latest whitepaper from Serverfarm defines Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt (DCIDD) and explains how addressing design shortcomings in existing data centers can save companies millions in CapEx and OpEx while driving sustainability strategies.

Amid surging demand for digital infrastructure, new approaches to data centers and their designs are paramount for organizations to create sustainable environments. Making more of what already exists is a vital part of any sustainable strategy. In enterprise and commercial data centers, modernization of existing physical environments and optimizing operational efficiency can reduce emissions while maximizing value from existing capital deployment.

“Data centers are an increasingly vital part of every economy,” says Arun Shenoy, SVP Marketing at Serverfarm. “Making more and better use of what is already built is both environmentally responsible and financially sensible.”

You can read more about Serverfarm joining the Climate Pact and DDA here. For more information on Serverfarm’s stance on sustainability, click here.

You can also read more about Serverfarm introducing DCIDD (Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt) here. For a quick download of the whitepaper, click here

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