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ServerFarm Delivers Additional Capacity to Toronto, Reducing Embodied Carbon by 75% this World Environment Day

Data center capacity demands continue to skyrocket as cloud adoption rapidly increases during today’s unique business climate. In Toronto, where capacity is in tight supply, ServerFarm is delivering 14MW of additional capacity to this high demand market. The project, accomplished in record time and despite COVID-19 conditions, brings the Toronto data center’s total utility power availability to over 21MW. 

By extending the power capacity of their existing Toronto data center building and power infrastructure, the project delivers significant embodied carbon savings. The reuse of the existing 80,000-square-foot building shell of concrete, steel, metal panel and roofing systems cut embodied carbon by an estimated 75%. Compared to a new data center build, this is an equivalent reduction of over two and a half years of operational carbon for a typical 1MW enterprise IT deployment. ServerFarm continues to take the long view that data center infrastructure must be sustainable and joins the United Nations in celebrating World Environment Day today, June 5.

This complex and challenging project was executed with support from TD Securities, Israel Discount Bank and others. Throughout the project, ServerFarm’s expert team diligently ensured that their data center customers were served and that additional capacity was deployed to new customers.

“Data center capacity in the Toronto area is in tight supply, and our vision to develop new capacity within an existing facility started 10 months ago, long before the global shock of the pandemic,” says Avner Papouchado, CEO of ServerFarm. “We’re immensely proud of our teams for working so hard to make this capacity available so quickly. That this was achieved while maintaining worker safety despite having to work in lockdown conditions points to their professionalism and our ability to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions wrought by the COVID-19 threat.”

To read more about embodied carbon, click here. Find the full press release here.


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