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ServerFarm Acquires 5NINES Global Holdings

Innovative data center services provider, ServerFarm, has acquired 5NINES Global Holdings, a colocation and managed service provider with facilities across North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. UK-based 5NINES has grown rapidly since its inception in 2016 by shrewdly acquiring enterprise data centers and selling them back to the original owner in the form of agile consumption-based services. The company subsequently converted the acquired facilities into multi-tenant environments, releasing previously stranded capacity to the market.

ServerFarm and 5NINES’ leaders all firmly believe there’s tremendous potential to be unlocked in larger underutilized enterprises data centers. ServerFarm will continue to grow 5NINES’ Enterprise to Public (E2P) solution, which helps enterprises free themselves from having to own and operate data center assets, but still want to consume their capacity in a pure services fashion. ServerFarm will bolster the E2P platform with its InCommand integrated services platform, which optimizes data center operations and enables facilities to be consumed in a cloud-like elastic fashion.

5NINES’ employees, subsidiaries, operations, and assets will be integrated into ServerFarm’s Global Business and will adopt the ServerFarm brand and operating model. ServerFarm’s existing customers will now be able to benefit from the well-proven E2P model when interested in garnering a return on their sunk infrastructure investments and gaining more visibility and control for their critical environments.

ServerFarm worked with NIBC Bank to complete the transaction and is adding key data center geographies to its existing footprint by picking up the 5NINES portfolio with facilities in Helsinki, Amsterdam, Dallas, Paris, Northern Virginia and the Greater Boston Area.

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