Scala Data Centers Shines with Gold Merit Award for Energy Excellence

Scala Data Centers Shines with Gold Merit Award for Energy Excellence

Scala Data Centers, the leading Latin American platform for sustainable data centers, has taken home the Gold Merit Award in the Energy category. The Merit Awards recognize the best of the best in tech, and Scala’s win highlights its commitment to sustainable data solutions and digital access growth in Latin America.

“These visionary innovators and companies have not only demonstrated exceptional prowess in harnessing the power of technology but have also set new benchmarks for excellence.” – Marie Zander, executive director for Merit Awards

Headquartered in Brazil, Scala Data Centers shapes the digital landscape of the region by providing flexible and innovative colocation services to hyperscale clients, cloud-based software providers, and large enterprises. The company prioritizes high availability, energy efficiency, and superior density in cutting-edge data centers. Scala sets itself apart with its commitment to sustainability through its robust ESG program.

Another recent announcement, and a significant milestone for Scala, is its strategic investment of approximately US$80 million into its first hyperscale data center in Tepotzotlán, Mexico. This move is set to redefine the digital landscape in Latin America and empower the region’s technological future. The investment demonstrates Scala’s commitment to meeting the region’s digital demands while contributing to economic growth and technological advancement.

Scala Data Centers’ Gold Merit Award is a well-deserved recognition of its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. As Scala continues to shape the digital future, it serves as an inspiration for organizations worldwide to prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. The strategic investment in SMEXTP01 reinforces Scala’s dedication to leading advancements that benefit businesses and communities across the region.

To learn more about Scala Data Centers, visit: www.scaladatacenters.com


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