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Scala Data Centers to partner with Datacloud USA 2023 as the exclusive Sustainability Partner.

Scala Data Centers Leads the Way in Sustainable Data Centers at Datacloud USA 2023

Scala Data Centers Leads the Way in Sustainable Data Centers at Datacloud USA 2023

Data centers keep our online world running, but as we know, they also use a lot of energy. That’s where Scala Data Centers is stepping in and leading the way making data centers more eco-friendly. The company’s recent announcement of its partnership with Datacloud USA 2023 as the exclusive Sustainability Partner highlights Scala’s commitment to eco-friendly practices in the world of data centers.

Datacloud USA 2023 brings together leaders from various sectors including data centers, cloud computing, edge providers, and regional and international enterprises. As the official Sustainability Partner, Scala is taking a prominent role in supporting the event’s dedication to environmentally responsible practices, a key focus at this year’s event. 

Offsetting Carbon Emissions: A Tangible Commitment

Scala’ innovative approach to offsetting the carbon emissions generated by all attendees of Datacloud USA 2023 demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and underscores its overarching dedication to responsible business practices and environmental stewardship. A commitment that aligns seamlessly with Datacloud USA’s sustainability values and goals. 

“Datacloud USA 2023 mirrors our vision for the future and serves as an exceptional platform for Scala to underscore our achievements in the realm of sustainable data centers.” — Christiana Weisshuhn, senior director of communication and ESG programs at Scala

Scala has consistently been at the forefront of sustainability innovation. It was the first in Latin America to operate data centers powered entirely by renewable and certified energy sources. Notably, Scala’s new sites boast unmatched energy efficiency, with a Design Energy Use Efficiency (PUE) consistently below 1.40, the lowest in the region. Moreover, Scala’s new buildings have achieved a remarkable Water Use Efficiency (WUE) rating of zero, thanks to air-cooled systems that eliminate water consumption.

Participation in Sustainability Discussions

In addition to their role as a sponsor, Scala Data Centers will actively contribute to two insightful discussions at Datacloud USA 2023. Executives will engage in a fireside chat dedicated to the intricate facets of sustainability, sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience in this crucial field. They will also offer valuable insights during a panel discussion titled “Key Insights into LATAM’s Data Center Evolution,” drawing on their extensive experience in the Latin American region.

Scala’s partnership with Datacloud USA 2023 is not just a testament to their commitment to sustainable data center evolution but also a signal for the entire industry. As data centers continue to play a pivotal role in our digital age, this collaboration sets a precedent for a greener and more eco-conscious future. 

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