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Rural Broadband Gets Major Boost with Federal Dollars

The FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) presents a unique opportunity to build the infrastructure desperately needed to connect under-served communities across rural America. The fund supports commercial construction of broadband infrastructure with $20.4B of new subsidies over the next ten years. 

With the pandemic forcing much of America into distance learning, teleworking, and remote healthcare, demand for equitable access to reliable broadband has taken on a new sense of urgency.

Network operators will soon enter a bidding process for a chance to build out networks and the clock is ticking to serve hard to reach rural areas. RDOF prioritizes the best rather than the least expensive internet access service to rural Americans. The carriers that win the bids must show a level of service that meets the industry standard laid out by the federal government. Carriers that plan their build effectively will be well-placed for success in the upcoming auction.

Enter Render Networks. Their role in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction is to deliver technology-enabled efficiencies to all participants and deploy large-scale networks with significant time, cost, and quality improvements. Render’s proven digital construction management platform is configurable to any network architecture and build strategy, and delivers significant value to rural network operators and their trusted partners in the following areas:  

  1. Network planning and scoping accuracy: Prepare construction scope and schedule with confidence to enable a highly competitive bid while still maintaining build flexibility and sufficient margin or contingency. 
  2. Access real-time, geospatial project visibility: Seamless real-time tracking of progress against census block objectives, enable early identification of performance issues or at-risk delivery to avoid post-award penalties and enable better build decisions.
  3. RDOF templated reporting and compliance: Customized data capture, reporting and compliance templates with built-in HUBB and DODC requirements to satisfy short and long-term regulatory reporting obligations. 
  4. Mitigate delivery risk: Access 50+ years of deployment expertise to inform the optimal delivery model. Render’s technology has industry best-practices in digital network deployment to yield predictable results including project cost and schedule savings of over 50%. 

As pandemic-related demand and rural broadband investment increases, the obligation is on broadband providers and network operators to identify efficiencies and adopt advances in technology to capitalize on the market opportunity available. Particularly those relying on the upcoming RDOF auction to build out networks to the highest cost rural areas in the country.

To learn more about planning for network deployment success, register for Render’s RDOF webinar on Tuesday September 8th. To learn more about Render Networks, visit https://rendernetworks.com/rdof/.

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