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IG Tim Kiser

Rising Above the Clouds, Landing at American Tower

New InterGlobix Magazine Feature on Colo Atl

Co-Authored by Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Jasmine Bedi

Colo Atl, which provides carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection services from 55 Marietta Street, and is an interconnection hub in Atlanta recently got acquired by American Tower Corporation. Timothy Kiser, the owner and founder of Colo Atl, is a 25-year industry veteran who has designed more than 40 telecommunications companies before creating JT Communications about 18 years ago in 2001. JT Communications is the parent company of Colo Atl.

Tim Kiser recently caught up with Jasmine Bedi, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of InterGlobix Magazine, the industry’s first premier publication of its kind covering global topics including Data Centers and Connectivity with a very unique “people” aspect to the publication, and with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, Founder & CEO of Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), the preeminent marketing, public relations, and event planning firm serving the technology and telecommunications industries. In his interview with Jasmine in IG Magazine, Tim talks about how along with building Colo Atl, he has kept his love for flying alive. Tim is a licensed Professional Engineer in 35 states, and he thoroughly enjoys his passion of flying that reflects his elite lifestyle and his first-class taste.

Tim Kiser in Flight School in 1988. “The best thing I love about flying is the experience of viewing a different picture that God paints everyday. No matter where I was at, which plane I flew, it was always a beautiful picture,” Tim says.

Tim has owned four  spectacular planes, enjoying the solitude of recreational flying. He found that pursuing his passion for flying encompasses all the elements that make life so complete and fulfilling. Tim named JT Communications after his grandfather Jack, and the ‘T’ is for Tim. Tim rebranded and his business as (DBA) Colo Atl. Following its acquisition by American Tower, the company will continue to run as Colo Atl, delivering the same top-notch colocation and interconnection services and exceptional customer service that its tenants are accustomed to.

Colo Atl operates 26,000 square feet of colocation space on the 5th and 8th floors of 55 Marietta. The facilities are connected by vertical fiber risers, as well as diverse fiber that runs across the street to 56 Marietta, another carrier hotel with an even larger tenant base. Both buildings are in downtown Atlanta; a short walk from the CNN Center and Centennial Olympic Park.

To read Tim Kiser’s full article please visit https://www.interglobixmagazine.com/rising-above-the-clouds.php.

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