Redline Tapped by Major Salt Lake City Salt Mining Company

Redline Communications’ Initial Deployment of CBRS Provides Best-in-Class Private LTE Connectivity for one of the Nation’s Leading Salt Mines

Redline is providing industrial-grade Citizens Broadband Radio Systems (CBRS) spectrum and Private LTE connectivity solutions for a leading salt and minerals mine in Salt Lake City, Utah. Redline is providing its 150 MHz mid-band CBRS spectrum, enabling the mine to access its Private industrial LTE (iLTE) service and maximize spectral efficiency. Leveraging Redline’s 150 MHz mid-band CBRS spectrum, which enables access to its Private industrial LTE (iLTE) service, the mine can harness the power of superior broadband access, increased network stability, and mobility.

Salt Lake City is known as one of the most extreme harsh environment for equipment, and with that, the mining company chose Redline for its consistent capability to deploy durable products and best-in-class wireless solutions in some of the most challenging working conditions. Redline’s iLTE is currently deployed at the mine connecting a wide variety of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) devices, pumps, and laptops to support operations. The partnership will eventually expand connectivity services to mining trucks by early 2022.

“While Wi-Fi coverage is great for some businesses, it has some limitations and is not always the best choice for demanding business and mission critical applications,” comments Reno Moccia, Redline Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The CBRS band combined with Redline’s private iLTE solution overcomes those limitations and provides the mines with two times the capacity and up to four times the range of WiFi. With a more reliable, secure and efficient network capability, Redline ensures continuous connectivity for all of their real-time applications and PLC devices.”

Read the full release here.

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