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Redline Secures $14 Million Investment for Industrial 5G Development by Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund

Investment will address the clear gap in the industrial 5G (i5G) market that is taking place as most wireless vendors cater to mobile network operators

Great news for Redline, a leading-edge provider of industrial wireless broadband network connectivity solutions for mission-critical applications! The company has signed a contribution agreement by the Government of Canada Strategic Innovations Fund (“SIF”) to accelerate the development of mission critical Industrial 5G products and solutions.  The $14 million  investment by SIF will accelerate the development of the world’s first i5G platform catering to Mission Critical Private Network customer, adopters of Industry 4.0. This coming wave of IoT data driven operations, from manufacturing to mining, needs a highly reliable, smart wireless network to accompany it, tailored to the unique and highly demanding industrial customer.

Redline has a rich history of innovation for satisfying industrial customer’s needs for reliable mission critical wireless networks, and is well-positioned to develop and deploy these solutions in support of the growth of its customers.

“This investment will accelerate the innovative development of products and solutions for mission critical industrial networks developed in conjunction with our leading customers worldwide,” stated Stephen Sorocky, Redline’s CEO. “We express our appreciation for the confidence shown by the Strategic Innovations Fund in their support to creating a world leading team of highly skilled staff and increased collaboration with universities.”

For further details on the agreement, read the full announcement here.

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