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Redline Releases Newest Addition to Award-Winning Virtual Fiber Product Line

Redline Releases New Addition to Award-Winning Virtual Fiber Product Line

Hundreds of mission-critical businesses worldwide rely on high-quality wireless networks to ensure operational efficiency, safety and security. For nearly two decades now, Redline Communications has delivered robust data infrastructure and broadband solutions to some of the most remote industrial locations in some of the most challenging environmental conditions.

Recently, Redline announced the newest addition to their award-winning Virtual Fiber™ product line, the RDL-3203 Ellipse. The innovative RDL-3203, is built on top of the Redline tri-band architecture, which offers an outstanding 1.3 Gbps throughput capacity and ultimate flexibility for real-time applications, configurations, and network planning.

“There is a continuous demand for real-time mission-critical applications, and that demand translates to the need for more reliable bandwidth,” comments Reno Moccia, EVP of Sales & Marketing of Redline Communication. “The RDL-3200 family was built to support the growth of data requirements and flexibility. The RDL-3203 complements our current RDL-3000 line, and together, they provide a total solution for customers.”

The RDL-3203 delivers cost-efficient, powerful processing capabilities that reliably transport a wide range of point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) industrial-grade communications in congested RF environments and challenging weather conditions. The uniquely rugged design and high-speed over-the-air data rates make it ideal for industrial organizations requiring time-sensitive data and reliable transport for backhaul, HD video, voice, SCADA, and M2M. 

The tentative early availability of the RDL-3203 is expected as early as Q4 2021.

To learn more, read the full release here.


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