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Redline Releases Enhanced Private Industrial LTE Portfolio with the RDL-6000 Ellipse

Redline Communications Announces RDL-6000 Ellipse for CBRS Industrial LTE

Redline Communications 20 YearsRedline Communications, a leading-edge provider with over 20 years of delivering innovative industrial wireless broadband network connectivity solutions for mission-critical applications, recently announced a major enhancement to its Private Industrial LTE portfolio. Effective immediately, the RDL-6000 Ellipse now also supports LTE cellular mobile service access to the 150 MHz of CBRS spectrum in the 3.5 GHz Band Class 48 available for shared use via a cloud-based Spectrum Access System (SAS). CBRS SAS subscriptions can be obtained directly from Redline, as a comprehensive single solution provider.

“The RDL-6000 for CBRS offers a unique and purpose-built solution for Industrial verticals who wish to expand operations in an extremely crowded US spectrum. The RDL-6000 Ellipse portfolio is available in 16 different 3GPP bands and adding CBRS is a significant milestone in the development of our iLTE private network product portfolio,” stated Stephen J. Sorocky, CEO of Redline Communications. “Redline’s iLTE solutions deliver best-in-class data performance with advanced features to deliver high reliability, mission-critical performance in rapidly expanding networks.”

Redline’s iLTE products deliver ultra-reliable and cost-effective private LTE solutions that enable full mobility applications for open and underground mining, utilities, gas & oil and other industries with mission critical applications in extreme environments.

To learn more about Redline, please visit www.rdlcom.com.

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