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Redline Launches Major Software Upgrade to Enhance Virtual Fiber Services

Redline Communications announced today a major software upgrade to its virtual fiber service offering. Redline’s RDL-3100 XG software v3.12 release is a direct, drop-in replacement of the RDL-3000 XP, Redline’s 5th Generation Software Defined Radio (SDR). This upgrade enhances Redline’s award-winning Virtual Fiber™ portfolio, which delivers multipoint access and transport quickly and cost-efficiently for industrial communications while outperforming traditional point-to-point (PTP) microwave applications.

The software enhancements at the hub of the wireless network result in faster communication speed with certified security and customizable capacity.

“This new software release is a significant investment protection milestone for Redline customers operating the RDL-3000 Ellipse portfolio and is a critical key component of our Virtual Fiber, fixed wireless product evolution,” states Stephen J. Sorocky, CEO of Redline Communications. “Redline’s Virtual Fiber offering delivers best in class data performance to multiple remote sites over very wide areas and incredibly rugged terrain, truly a new paradigm in backhaul.”

Full details of the RDL-3100 upgrade are as follows:

  • Over-the-air backwards compatibility with up to 120 5GHz RDL-3000 and RDL-3100 remote terminals
  • Full compatibility with RDL-3000 software v3.8/v3.9 feature set, including hairpinning (remote-remote communication), variable frame mode of operation, support for small channel sizes and 802.1p prioritization
  • 2K Ethernet packet size

  • Direct drop-in of RDL-3100 to existing RDL-3000 5GHz networks, extending the ROI of exiting investment and enabling feature upgrades beyond the current capabilities

To read the full press release, click here.

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