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Minding the Gap: Redline Communications Partners with Fibairo to Tackle Broadband Challenges in the UK

In a move that will significantly narrow the connectivity gap in the United Kingdom, Redline today announced a partnership with Fibairo using TV White Spaces to deliver mission-critical solutions to rural and remote parts of the United Kingdom.

The alliance took 24 months of trials and testing, and the result will impact underserved communities in England, Scotland and Wales.

“Redline supports Fibairo’s initiatives to create a TV White Space (TVWS) solution to help bridge the rural divide in remote parts of the United Kingdom,” states Reno Moccia, EVP of Sales & Marketing of Redline Communications. “We look forward to scaling and growing the TVWS solution with Fibairo.”

TV White Spaces are frequencies no longer used by TV channels, allowing the delivery of affordable internet access where incumbent service providers can’t, or won’t, go. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, Fibairo solutions do not require line-of-sight, can cope with uneven terrain and have a range of up to 10 kilometres.

After extensive testing with and evaluation by multiple vendors of TV whitespace hardware, Redline was found to be the only one to consistently deliver the service levels and throughput needed to scale a commercial service. Fibairo will connect more than 20,000 properties including residential, business and enterprise customers. Fibairo is also delivering other applications in the smart energy and transport sectors.

Fibairo and Redline are applying innovative TV White Space to deliver life-changing services to communities all over the world and the partners are. The partners are applying innovative TVWS technology to legacy knowledge — and using this to deliver life-changing services to communities.

Initial networks will be built in Scotland, in some of the hardest reach areas and communities. But expansion is planned to the rest of the U.K., and internationally, over the next 24 months.

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