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Redline Communications Drives Innovation to Bridge Connectivity Gaps in the Permian Basin

Redline Communications announced today that it is leading critical conversations to help Oil and Gas companies in the Permian Basin overcome crucial connectivity challenges. Redline’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Business Development, Louis Lambert, will be a featured speaker at the 2019 Entelec Fall Seminar Series this month in Odessa, Texas. 

Mr. Lambert will share his expert insights regarding “Private LTE Operations Simplified Through the Self Organizing Network (SON)”. He’ll explain how Oil and Gas companies in the Permian Basin, and throughout the U.S. can leverage the new CBRS to deploy with simplicity, their own standards-based LTE mobility network filling carrier coverage gaps and leveraging the rich ecosystem of standard, off-the-shelves devices.In addition, Mr. Lambert will offer best practices on how Oil and Gas companies can most leverage Public LTE, Private LTE, CBRS and Wi-Fi, to deliver the urban mobile LTE user experience during the“How to Achieve Complete LTE Mobility Coverage in Permian” session.

“Oil & Gas needs mobile LTE coverage through the Permian now more than ever for safety and efficiency as many coverage gaps prevent deployment of current and new applications,” comments Mr. Lambert. “Now, for the first time, Oil & Gas can fill these mobility coverage gaps with a fit-for-purpose private mobile LTE solution leveraging the new CBRS band and associated LTE device ecosystem. With Redline’s Private, Mobile LTE, closing the public mobile LTE gaps, access to efficiency and safety applications and tools will be delivered asset-wide, to accelerate digital transformation.”

To request an onsite meeting with the Redline team at the event, please visit www.rdlcom.com or email [email protected].


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