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Redline Communications Continues Strategic Growth in Middle East

Kicking off 2022 strong, Redline Expands Telco Service Provider Agreements to Deliver High Speed, Secure  Connectivity Solutions to Over 100 Enterprises in Region

Redline  continues its impressive growth trajectory in the Middle East with its announcement today noting its both new and existing strategic partnerships with several new service providers. These partnerships  provide advanced connectivity solutions for more than 100 enterprises in the Middle East, including in Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Working with major telco service providers in the region to connect enterprise customers for premium service, Redline is extending its RDL-3100 product line, which includes Fixed Line Business Services. The enterprises range from oil and gas companies to manufacturers to government organizations and banks, all sharing a similar demand for reliable, secure, high-speed connectivity and fast deployments. 

Along with enterprise customers, the service providers are also connecting rural, underserved villages in the region that have low internet connectivity. By working with Redline, the service providers are replacing low bandwidth legacy technology with Redline’s high speed connectivity solutions that aim to bridge the ‘Digital Divide’ and support high-bandwidth applications with robust security and unmatched reliability in remote rural communities. 

“Although our traction with oil and gas customers is well-known and expanding in the Middle East, we are excited to extend our strategic partnerships to help meet not only the growing demands of enterprise customers in a range of other industries, but also in rural areas within the Middle East that lack optimal connectivity,” comments Richard Yoon, President and CEO of Redline Communications. “Redline continues to stand out as the leading provider of mission-critical data infrastructure in some of the world’s most remote and harsh locations, offering solutions that allow enterprises to digitally transform their operations, and communities to digitally transform their lives. We look forward to continuing to expand throughout the Middle East in 2022 and beyond.” 

View full announcement here.

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