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Q Advisors – The Future Face of Cloud Native Computing

In a new article with Global Fintech Series, Dmitry Netis, Managing Director, Business Development at Q Advisors, provides direction and thoughts to what a serverless future looks like, what tools will be most valuable, and who stands to gain the most in the shift.

As cloud computing continues along its path of evolution, experts at Q Advisors believe that ramifications of cloud native computing in the form of container-based applications are, and will be, significant. Furthermore, enterprises are now beginning to adopt cloud native technologies to replace legacy or monolithic architectures with quicker, steadier, and lighter containerized applications. Today, less than 30% of global enterprises employ containerized applications, but by 2022 that number is estimated to be over 75%.

While business IT is moving toward a serverless future, the door to cloud native computing is currently Kubernetes-shaped, according to Netis. With DevOps increasingly looking like the key to slipping through that door, will it be MSPs who hold such a key moving forward? The experts at Q Advisors weigh in.

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