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Q Advisors Founding Partner Offers Invaluable Insight in European TMT Market

The U.S. “Land Grab” in TMT Consolidation Has Reached Europe

In an exclusive video interview with TMT Finance, Q Advisors’ Founding Partner Michael Quinn offered his expert insight into the M&A landscape in Europe and the United States, including the changes in market appetite and how the geography and service profile of each region affects that appetite. 

Quinn spoke with a TMT Finance Editor, Kezia Joseph, explaining that Europe cannot be considered for M&A as a unitary place. 

“You really have to look country by country. In the Nordics, it’s still driven by fixed mobile convergence. In Germany and France, it’s getting people comfortable with putting their data in the cloud, getting people comfortable with putting their applications in the cloud. For countries like England and the Netherlands and Belgium, it’s a tremendous opportunity in the SMB space and not enough service providers with the scale to do it,” stated Quinn.

He added that there are no “gorillas” in Europe, no giants like RingCentral or Vonage. Organizations looking to roll up need the ability to package broadband and cloud together. Quinn stated that the “land grab” that happened in the United States five years ago, is happening in Europe now. Quinn commented that cloud and managed services and the infrastructure sharing space will see most M&A activity in Europe. The increase in M&A activity across the pond led Q Advisors to open a European office in the Netherlands last year, putting the world-class, global, boutique investment bank in the center of the action. Lastly, Quinn  discussed how new technologies like AI, data and IoT are impacting the TMT sector. 

To watch the full interview, click here. To learn more about Q Advisors, please visit www.qllc.com.

Q Advisors will also be attending the TMT M&A Forum 2020 on March 31. Click here to meet with the Q Advisors team at the event.


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