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PTC ’22: T5’s COO and SVP talk about newly announced development in Georgia

T5@Augusta will broaden company’s government service opportunities

JSA TV recently sat down with Aaron Wangenheim, T5 COO, and Steve Holland, Senior Vice President Data Center FM&O Solutions at T5 Facilities Management, at PTC ’22. While the conference took place in the balmy sunshine of Honolulu, Hawaii, it was hardly a mid-winter tropical getaway for Aaron and Steve. They had a full agenda, spreading the word about some big news coming out of T5 and meeting with colleagues and partners to discuss what promises to be an eventful new year throughout the industry.

In case you missed the news, T5 kicked off the new year in January by announcing T5@Augusta, the planned development of a 140-acre, 200 MW government and enterprise cloud data center campus in Augusta, Georgia, the Southeast’s cybersecurity hub. The property is immediately adjacent to Fort Gordon and the U.S. Army’s Cyber Command Headquarters with access to an abundant and unique pool of highly trained, certified IT and cybersecurity personnel with secret and top-secret federal credentials. 

Wangenheim tells JSA TV the project is a perfect fit for T5, allowing the company to leverage its core strengths in construction and facilities management while putting T5 in an ideal position to broaden its government service opportunities and reach out to other integrators and providers in the federal cloud sphere.

“It takes a very unique set of qualifications to service the government and those providers,” he notes. “Government contractors have very exacting standards, expect best-in-class service, and have some security requirements that really fit our model,” adds Holland.

Looking forward to 2022, Wangenheim says supply chain issues are beginning to catch up to the industry, delaying project timelines and setting back construction schedules. Inflation, too, poses a threat, with increasing costs for land, development, construction, and equipment.

Still, he says, “There is a lot of demand out there” that will continue to drive the data center industry forward into 2022 and beyond. “I think it will be a challenging year, but a good year,” he says.

To see the interview in its entirety, view the video here.


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