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KOHLER eFRAME generator enclosure

Protecting Data Centers’ Mission-Critical Assets: Introducing KOHLER Power’s eFRAME Enclosure

Mission-critical data center equipment has become one of the most precious assets in our data-driven world. As such, finding ways to offer that equipment the highest levels of protection and security is paramount. Especially when it comes to generators — the beating heart of the data center — hyperscalers and regional operators need solutions that can offer top-tier reliability with ease and efficiency.

Redefining Generator Support and Service

To help global data center operators meet these evolving requirements, KOHLER Power has just unveiled its KOHLER eFRAME industrial generator enclosures. These walk-in enclosures, built to house the KOHLER KD Series of industrial generators at 2000kw and up, exceed the most stringent expectations of mission-critical applications. With this, the data center’s entire power system can be a wholly integrated package. All components can be single-sourced from the KOHLER factory including engineering, manufacturing and testing.

Here’s the bottom line: Now, customers can benefit from shortened lead times and maximized ease of installation and maintenance for their rapidly scaling needs — all while reaping the benefits of KOHLER’s unparalleled dedication to service.

 “The eFRAME walk-in enclosure is ideal for mission critical applications – including data centers, water utility, and healthcare – and can be customizable to meet the needs of our customers,” said Brad Meissner, product manager for KOHLER Power. “We’re the only manufacturer to ensure that the complete design, production, and testing occurs right at our factory. The one-stop approach increases our control of the entire manufacturing and testing process to ensure the highest quality while significantly decreasing lead times, which is very important for data center customers that operate under tight timelines.”

Modular, Sturdy, and Simply Designed for Ultimate Agility and Security

Another advantage of the KOHLER eFRAME enclosure: A unique modular design that provides the highest levels of serviceability. The enclosure can be separated into three sections — these sections can be independently removed in the field if a major generator set component needs replacing. This enables users to address engine and radiator requirements without disconnecting any site connections that occur in the rearward section of the enclosure. In essence, service work can be localized to reduce disruption to other components, significantly reducing service costs and downtime. 

The eFRAME enclosure is available in three configurations – V12 (2000kW-2500kW), V16 (2800kW-3250kW) and V20 (3500kW-4000kW). It’s highly durable (designed to meet or exceed a 135-mph wind load rating) and features an all-aluminum skin and frame construction with a fade/scratch/corrosion-resistant powdered coat exterior. Complete with Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) tools to review the enclosure airflow, users can trust that their generators will operate efficiently — even in the most demanding environments. 

This product unveiling comes on the heels of KOHLER’s initiation of a 155,000 square-foot expansion to its existing manufacturing facility in Mosel, Wisconsin back in March 2021. This project will include a state-of-the-art production and testing space of large generators above 2,000 kilowatts, switchgear, and engineered enclosures – including the new eFRAME enclosure. 

The KOHLER eFRAME enclosures will be available in late summer. 

Visit www.KOHLERPower.com to learn more, or read the full press release here

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