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Prime Data Centers Expands in Sacramento With Second Data Center

“The data center industry is on fire right now with demand,” says Prime Data Centers Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jeff Barber. “It comes from cloud operators and enterprise, social media and content distribution platforms. Some of those platforms, like Zoom and Webex, were spurred by COVID. Capacity demand is growing — and not slowing down.” 

With that much demand, coupled with the sheer amount of data generated in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s no surprise that Prime Data Centers has announced plans for a second data center at its Sacramento, California campus, located at the McClellan Park business complex.  

Sacramento: A Prime Data Center Destination 

The second facility is designed to meet the growing demand in both Sacramento Metro as well as from the San Francisco Bay Area, with twice the capacity of Prime’s existing facility. The campus is powered by an onsite 49MW substation owned and operated by Prime. 

The Sacramento region is the ideal location for not only primary data, but data replication from the San Francisco Bay Area. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Sacramento has a near-zero chance of serious seismic events, and the Prime campus is located outside the 500-year flood plain. These geographic advantages, along with the growing population base in the Sacramento region, are driving the explosive demand for critical data center capacity.

“With our first building at McClellan Park fully occupied, and demand for capacity growing every day, Prime Data Centers is doubling-down in the region with this new state-of-the-art facility,” says Barber. “We see the Bay Area becoming more power constrained and consider Sacramento the perfect alternative, complete with an ample supply of power and significantly lower pricing. The geographic profile is amongst the safest in the nation without significant latency typically associated with data replication.”

Prime anticipates starting construction in Q2 of 2022, with the potential of accelerating the timeline based on tenant status.

 For more information on Prime Data Centers, visit primedatacenters.com. And follow Prime on Twitter and LinkedIn



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