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Precision OT Moves Into New State-of-the-Art Facility in Rochester

Precision OT has been on a tear when it comes to growth and expansion as a company, and now, they have announced their move into a new facility in Rochester that can accommodate for such growth. The 43,000 sq. ft. stand-alone facility is perfectly outfitted to meet Precision’s specialized needs as a network equipment manufacturer.  

As cloud giants, carriers and other telcos continue to meet growing business and consumer demand for technologies that require high-speed, high-bandwidth networks, demand for optical networking equipment has steadily surged. With customers across North America, Europe and the Middle East investing in fiber-deep networks and tools to increase network performance and agility, the company’s operations have grown steadily, leading to a need for room to grow. 

In addition to providing increased space and personalization, the new facility will further support Precision OT’s recently announced Advanced Engineering Group. The group is hard at work developing new technology that will assist network operators in handling higher data rates across longer distances and more. Ultimately, this vision sets Precision apart from other equipment manufacturers, which will continue to play a role in the company’s overall growth. 

“The expansion into this state-of-the-art facility marks a continuation of Precision OT’s rapid growth and is a pivotal milestone in taking our production and creation of optical solutions to the next level,” says David Halladay, President and CEO of Precision OT. “Our new location will not only strengthen our new product development and solutions but help build the networks of tomorrow.”

“Everything about our new headquarters is bigger and better, which is really exciting for our team,” adds Chris Page, Precision OT’s Chief Technology Officer. “We now have expanded lab space for our advanced engineering team and our systems engineers as well as our production team. In fact, our production area in the new Henrietta headquarters is almost three times as large as the one we have now. That means enhanced abilities not only to design and test the products we already offer to our customers, but also to develop new product lines that can help speed their network deployments.”

Read the full announcement, here

To learn more about Precision OT, visit https://www.precisionot.com

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