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PowerHouse 95

PowerHouse Data Centers Unveils New Cutting-Edge Campus in Spotsylvania, Virginia

PowerHouse Data Centers continues to make waves in the world of new data center development with the acquisition of 145 acres in Spotsylvania, Virginia. This marks the official site for their PowerHouse 95 data center campus. With this new project, PowerHouse is now actively pursuing four developments in northern Virginia, totaling over 700 MW.

A Prime, Powerful Location

When complete, PowerHouse 95 is envisioned to be a state-of-the-art data center campus, designed to meet the data-intensive needs of hyperscale users in northern Virginia, currently recognized as the world’s largest data center market. Situated along the I-95 corridor and strategically positioned with access to two existing substations, PowerHouse 95 is poised to offer a competitive advantage by swiftly addressing the escalating data demands in the region. Doug Fleit, co-founder and CEO of PowerHouse as well as its parent company, American Real Estate Partners (AREP), emphasized the significance of PowerHouse 95’s location, stating, “The site will appeal to hyperscale users that seek well-located developments with access to power and good fiber connectivity.”

The new campus is planned to feature three 300 MW substations, with the first currently under development. Expected to provide 150 MWs by October 2025, this initial substation will deliver ample power to construct up to eight or more high-density data centers. The flexibility of the project allows PowerHouse to develop between four to eight powered shells and two additional substations in the future, offering maximum flexibility for hyperscale tenants.

Important Partnerships at Play

PowerHouse 95 represents yet another project backed by a joint venture between PowerHouse Data Centers and Harrison Street, an investment firm with over $50 billion in assets under management. Starting from 2018, Harrison Street established a team committed to investing across the digital ecosystem. Today, these efforts resulted in channeling approximately $2.4 billion into digital-based assets like powered shells, carrier hotels, colocation facilities, and dark fiber. This includes a significant investment gaining a minority interest in Summit Infrastructure Group, better known as SummitIG, a prominent provider of dark fiber network solutions and bandwidth infrastructure with over 600 miles of fiber infrastructure in Northern Virginia.

Together with Harrison Street, PowerHouse has successfully worked together on several other Data Center Alley developments, including PowerHouse Pacific, PowerHouse ABX-1, and PowerHouse Arcola, as well as the recently announced PowerHouse Reno, PowerHouse’s first national expansion located in Nevada. Michael Hochanadel, Managing Director and Head of Digital at Harrison Street, highlighted the strategic importance of the new PowerHouse 95 build, stating, “This is yet another impressive venture between Harrison Street and PowerHouse.”

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