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Inside Data Centre Podcast PowerHouse Data Centers Luke Kipfer

PowerHouse Data Center’s Luke Kipfer Joined Inside Data Centre’s Podcast to Discuss Data Center Construction and Sustainability

PowerHouse Data Center’s Luke Kipfer is talking data center construction practices, powered shells and sustainability opportunities on the Inside Data Centre Podcast this week. The Vice President of Data Center Development and Constriction for PowerHouse and AREP spoke with Andy Davis, host of Inside Data Centre Podcast, about everything from the company’s full turnkey solutions to meeting hyperscaler demand for sustainable data center construction practices. 

“What makes PowerHouse stand out is our speed to market offering,” said Kipfer. “With our experience as developers and understanding the market, we are able to get them to market faster. The one thing (hyperscalers and data center operators) can’t buy is time. We are putting in the effort and capital in the front end and getting construction and utility built ahead of time. We have the solution to those (timing) problems. We are able to deploy that compute capacity when they need it.”

Kipfer also highlighted how the company has approached the rising demand in sustainability. 

“Sustainability is one of our pillars moving forward,” Kipfer said. “Hyperscalers drive market behavior. If we are looking to compete, we have to align what we are delivering with what they are looking for. They are looking for sustainable data center deployments. Hyperscalers are making very aggressive commitments to carbon neutrality and reducing their footprint. By aligning our design, construction and builds to meet that, we are delivering a product they can manage from a sustainable standpoint.”

To learn more about Kipfer and PowerHouse’s views on data center construction and the data center market in 2023, listen to the full Inside Data Centre podcast below.

PowerHouse has three data centers currently under development, with plans for a total of six powered shell data centers representing 2.1 million square feet of data center space in Northern Virginia

Kipfer offers more than 15 years of mission-critical experience leading multi-million dollar data center design and construction 

Book a meeting with Kipfer today if you’re interested in becoming a PowerHouse tenant or discussing his company’s Data Center Alley disruptor tactics. 

For more information about PowerHouse’s unique data center opportunities in Ashburn, click here to contact the PowerHouse Data Centers team, learn more about the company’s iMasons Climate Accord announcement and visit www.powerhouse data.com to learn more. 

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