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Equinix Bare It All Webinar

Power Packed Roundtable: Equinix, Microsoft, Verizon Discuss the Future of Hybrid Cloud + Bare Metal

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 9th at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET.

Equinix is hosting a virtual roundtable that vows to “Bare It All” when discussing the future of hybrid cloud and bare metal. 

Joined by moderator Phil Shih of Structure Research, panelists from Equinix, Microsoft and Verizon will share the benefits of integrating bare metal with hybrid clouds to create a future-proofed IT ecosystem that’s capable of unlocking new places, partners and possibilities to help customers create a competitive advantage. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Benefits for colocation, performance, interconnection, and access to ecosystems on the edge
  • Benefits for cloud: developer automation, an OPEX model, deployment flexibility
  • How to deploy infrastructure in minutes
  • How to access it from anywhere in the world
  • How to leverage a neutral ecosystem of providers
  • Successful use cases

Click here to register for the virtual roundtable.

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