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Phillip Marangella, EdgeConneX CMO, Named to Data Economy’s CMO Top 50 List for 2020

Phillip Marangella, EdgeConneX CMO
Phillip Marangella, CMO, EdgeConneX

If you’ve ever met Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer at EdgeConneX, you’ve probably heard him stress the importance of pushing boundaries and exploring new ways of standing apart from the competition while still remaining authentic. Spend even more time with him and you’ll also hear him talk about the importance of being part of a team – the idea that marketing successes are a product of multiple individuals working towards a common goal.

It’s this blend of passionate pursuit of excellence coupled with humility that made Phillip note that although he is honored to be named as one of the world’s 50 most influential marketers by Data Economy, this is very much also a win for the entire EdgeConneX marketing team. Congratulations to you, Phillip and all of EdgeConneX!

So just how does someone become a part of a prestigious list like CMO 50? It’s probably summed up in the words of digital marketing entrepreneur, Neil Patel. He once said: “You can’t just place a few ‘Buy’ buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy.” How right he was. That’s where the role of a company’s chief marketer comes in. They are the individuals who bridge the gap between what their company offers and what customers actually need and ultimately drive more value for their sales teams.

A good CMO can not only convey value propositions and quote the hard numbers, but they can also mesh with customers on an intrinsically human and emotional level. This is especially important for companies in competitive and technical fields like EdgeConneX, the pioneer in Edge Data Centers®. And that’s where Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer at EdgeConneX, excels.

In Phillip’s own words, “If our partners are successful, then we’ll be successful in earning trust and increasing our market share. We aren’t just out to tout a product – we’re here actually to support our customers and partners in solving key challenges, together as humans.”

And like a real leader, Phillip has certainly made good on his words. Every action he’s initiated at EdgeConneX over the past several years has been guided by the values of trust, collaboration and an uncompromising commitment to exceeding norms.  Since local, low latency access to the cloud is so important for the company’s customers, he’s brought in powerful providers and enablers like AWS, Azure, Megaport, Rackspace, Lume, PacketFabric and Zenlayer, to name a few. Not content to stop there, he also spearheaded #BeerswithPeers, a circuit of events designed to bring hundreds of industry IT leaders together to network, celebrate the Edge, solve challenges through collaboration and strengthen relationships. From airport ads in Hawaii during PTC’20 to a Destination Edge campaign complete with branded luggage tag imagery, Phillip is bold in leveraging new tools and campaigns to bring ever-increasing added value to our sales efforts.

Based on their win this week, it looks like EdgeConneX is on the road to doing more great things this year. To stay up to date, visit edgeconnex.com.

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