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Peerless Network Now Offers Application to Person Enterprise Messaging

Peerless Network announced today that it now offers Application to Person Enterprise Messaging (A2P). A2P provides end-to-end SMS/MMS one-way and two-way messaging support for long-codes and toll-free numbers. The service is now fully up and running and customers can receive immediate access.

Peerless Network supports any A2P enterprise SMS/MMS messaging needs with value-added solutions to support future requirements, including two-way interactive conversations, marketing campaigns, transactional alerts, One-Time-Password and Multi-Factor-Authentication, Opt-in/Opt-out Management and message broadcasting. 

“Peerless Network is pleased to offer the much-anticipated Application to Person Enterprise Messaging product to our valued customers,” stated John Barnicle, President & CEO of Peerless Network. “Peerless has expanded its current voice and messaging communications offering with the competitive A2P messaging solution. Customers of Peerless no longer need to use A2P messaging services from 3rd party providers, but can now get the additional service that they require in one place via their relationship with Peerless Network.”

Customers receive Peerless Portal and API access to manage their A2P Messaging from one convenient platform. In addition, Peerless’ team of experts provide outstanding customer support for setting up, launching and maintaining messaging campaigns.

To read the full press release, click here


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