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Optimizing the DNS, Building Next-Gen Security: Insights from Industry Luminary and Advocate Bill Woodcock of Packet Clearing House

Since the advent of the Internet, the online world has been a dynamic force in the home, in the workplace and beyond. Now, every industry is fully entrenched in digital transformations and dependent on digital, internet-based strategies to deliver better value than ever. However, an online world has proved itself to be a double-edged sword — with new digital opportunities for business also come new threat vectors. Now, high-value data across finance, government and healthcare must rely on end-to-end protection, making discussions about the Domain Name System (DNS) more valuable than ever for the shrewd digital business. 

Get to Know These Industry Stewards

Some may say that there are few that know more or are more invested in the betterment and security of the global Internet than Packet Clearing House and its Executive Director Bill Woodcock. Packet Clearing House is the international non-governmental organization responsible for providing operational support and security to critical Internet infrastructure, including Internet exchange points and the core of the domain name system (DNS). In fact, the company is the largest authoritative DNS service network in the world, hosting multiple root letters and nearly 400 top-level domains on thousands of servers in 247 locations around the world. PCH is also the operator of the only FIPS 140-2 Level 4 DNSSEC signing platform other than the root itself. The gist? This company delivers the utmost security with military precision (that’s why it’s trusted by governments across the world). 

Woodcock himself is an industry leader with a lengthy history of advocacy, education and other important contributions to the Internet’s evolution. He has remained at the forefront of advocacy since the 90s, when he was working to enact the world’s first anti-spam legislation. Today, he’s recognized for his work in protecting the public interest through regulation of public resources like IPv4 addresses, access to rights-of-way, and non-profits’.ORG top-level domain. 

Now, these crucial DNS and security insights garnered over decades in the Internet industry have been brought to the table in the most recent installment of the Data Movers podcast.

Don’t Miss This DNS Discourse 

Why are DNS services crucial for protecting businesses’ interests against a dynamic world of threats — and what do organizations across targeted industries like finance, healthcare and government need to know? What kind of policies and best practices should businesses know about in order to ensure they’re adequately protected, and how can they get the education they need? 

The conversation between Woodcock and the hosts of Data Movers covers all the most salient tips and insights into this facet of cybersecurity and IT transformation, so be sure you don’t miss this episode. Check out the full podcast here.

To learn more about Packet Clearing House, visit www.pch.net


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