OPTK Networks and Connected2Fiber – Digital Transformation for a Connected World

Connected2Fiber (C2F), the location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers, has expanded its relationship with OPTK Networks. And it’s no secret why. OPTK Networks has realized a drop in deal response time by 50% since initially deploying C2F’s solution…that’s time and money. 

“Our initial experience with The Connected World platform to automate many of our wholesale activities impressed us greatly,” states Jason Axthelm, Vice President of Business Development at OPTK Networks. “We were able to drastically reduce the time it took to identify serviceable locations from months to minutes using The Connected World.”

The expanded service includes the ability to intelligently automate OPTK’s direct sales activities and create business cases for expansion of network routes.

As Jason explains, “Connected2Fiber’s platform has fantastic GIS capabilities. We plot our network route and the tool helps us identify businesses that we have yet to reach out to. It’s essentially allowing us to monetize those serviceable locations that are in close proximity to our network. From an RFP response perspective, we’ve used the platform to ensure we identify and score the highest priority opportunities to respond to in order to maximize our win rate and match our capital investment to the highest growth opportunities. This has allowed us to quickly eliminate the ‘noise’ in our sales process, ensuring we focus on the most profitable opportunities. The ability to rapidly understand our serviceability in relation to the RFP locations has reduced deal response times by roughly 50 percent.”

Connected2Fiber is also being used by OPTK Networks to identify ideal network expansion paths based on up-to-date, location-based insight into potential revenue opportunities. For instance, OPTK Networks sourced location-based insight from the platform to help build the business case for the company’s recent announcement that it will be building long haul fiber routes to the Denver, CO area. 

“OPTK Networks is a digital transformation success story in a space that isn’t always the first to adopt new approaches,” added Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. “They see the importance of automation and a data-driven, location-specific approach to building and selling their connectivity-based offerings. Their use of The Connected World to not only grow their wholesale revenue but to better inform their strategy around network builds and direct sales monetization of their existing network is extremely impressive.”

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