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Omaha IX Ecosystem Continues to Grow as Major Hyperscale Tech Companies Capitalize on its Connectivity Advantages

The growth spurt continues at Omaha IX with the announcement that Microsoft and Qwilt have come on board as Meta and other major players continue to expand their capacity at the premier Midwest internet exchange located on site at 1623 Farnam. 

“Omaha IX, since its inception, has continued to play a pivotal role in supporting next-gen connectivity — and the innovative applications that thrive on it — throughout North America and beyond. These commitments from our partners and peers further demonstrate how crucial Omaha IX is to data and content delivery. Needless to say, we’re very proud of our ecosystem, and thrilled to see how it’s growing, evolving and offering even more value to every peer that interconnects here,” said Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam

The addition of Microsoft and Qwilt to the Omaha IX ecosystem shows how vital peering has become in delivering agile and fast networking. Existing peers such as Meta, Akamai, Kansas Fiber Networks, Great Plains Communications, Hurricane Electric, Metropolitan Community College and US Internet have continued to expand their presence at this Midwest nexus, boosting their ports from 20G to 100G — or even from 400G to 600G. 

As cloud gaming, AI and VR continue to grow in popularity, so is the evolution of peering. With its ability to deliver enhanced control, resilience and performance it has become the connectivity solution of choice for the most innovative organizations. 

To learn more, read the full announcement about peering and the growth of the Omaha IX ecosystem


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