October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are You Cyber Smart?

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Since the inception of the internet, there has been a risk of data being compromised. But we are now in the age of cyberwarfare, with increasingly bad actors capable of sophisticated and highly damaging attacks on both data and infrastructure.

According to the 2022 ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association®) State of Cybersecurity Report, organizations are seeing 43% more cyberattacks this year than last. Eighty percent of those asked believe cybersecurity education has a positive effect on employees. And 79% say enterprise reputation is the top cyberattack concern. It’s for a good reason. One bad headline could erode trust in your organization quickly.

Involta: Leading the Fight Against Cybercrime

Involta is marking National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a series of informational content across its platforms to inform, educate and raise awareness of the critical need to secure an organization’s data and infrastructure.

In today’s world of cybersecurity, it is not a matter of if, but when you will be faced with a cyber attack. Cybercriminals of 2022 are taking advantage of the post-pandemic workplace with more employees working from home. It is imperative now more than ever to make sure your network is protected. The key is to be aware of the type of attacks you may encounter and establish a proactive approach to combating and securing your data and devices in-house and at home.

Phishing is on the Rise

Email phishing attacks remain the number one source of security breaches, causing over 90% of data breaches, with the average employee spending 1,500 hours a year using email. What does this mean? It means that your employees and your network are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. A business must educate its employees on the importance of securing devices and how to recognize a threat. This starts with implementing the right tools and practices before the threat becomes an attack. Train your employees, update your software, place virus protection on all devices, have strong passwords, don’t open or respond to unsolicited emails, back up your data, and most importantly, know how to identify a potential actor.

The time is now to raise awareness, inform and educate your employees. Being reactive with your cybersecurity will allow cybercriminals the opportunity they have been waiting for to walk right through. To learn more about managing your network security and defending your IT systems, visit Involta’s cybersecurity resources page at involta.com.


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