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NYC – You’ve Been Served! Skywire Networks and Connectbase Unite

Skywire Networks has joined the Connectbase ecosystem to advance the delivery of connectivity across NYC’s most underserved areas. 

This means that Connectbase’s service provider ecosystem now has access to Skywire’s SLA-backed, multi-gig, fixed wireless solution to reach formerly unreachable customers and revenue streams.

“The city has many areas, especially in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and parts of Manhattan that will always have poor fiber density for one very real reason – it’s too expensive to put fiber in the ground. At $300 or more per foot to trench the streets, digging fiber doesn’t make financial sense.” –  Alan Levy, Founder and CEO of Skywire Networks

Filling in the gaps…and so much more. 

As a member of Connectbase’s The Connected World ecosystem, users will now have complete visibility into Skywire Networks’ more than 2,000 lit and more than 100,000 near-net NYC buildings to quickly and cost-effectively complete their connectivity queries and orders. Critically, as a provider of SLA-backed, multi-gig, fixed wireless services, Skywire will be instrumental in fulfilling connectivity orders to areas where no fiber exists, opening an entirely new customer pool and revenue stream for those carriers.

“Our internet service is fast, reliable, affordable, SLA supported and can reach more than 100,000 NYC commercial buildings and residential MDUs. We’ve opened a whole new world and Connectbase is helping us reach more carriers and partners,” maintains Levy.

“They (Skywire) have a solution that bridges a significant gap in service availability for the City of New York,” comments Ben Edmond, CEO of Connectbase. “It’s a game changer for them, their customers and, crucially, for their customers’ customers. Our mission is to enable the world’s networks to connect, increasing the use of connectivity across all markets and transforming how networks are bought and sold. Skywire’s participation in our ecosystem is exciting for the current connected partners and we will generate meaningful growth together with the Skywire team.”

The Connected World, Connectbase’s digital ecosystem for connectivity, brings buyers and sellers together, connecting over 1.4 billion locations across 147 countries today and growing faster than any other connectivity ecosystem in the market. The buyers generate millions of quotes per month representing over $14 billion in global connectivity spend. The power of being connected has never mattered more, as the digital economy does not work without the underlying right connectivity. Connectbase and its ecosystem partners, like Skywire, enable the ability to work, learn, play and live in the digital world.

To learn more about how Connectbase is revolutionizing the connectivity buy/sell process, visit www.connectbase.com


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