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Novva’s Wes Swenson Talks Future of Data Centers, Utah Recreation, Black Licorice Ice Cream and More In Latest Episode of Data Movers.

Novva Data Centers has been making major headlines recently. From the acquisition of its Colorado Springs Campus to the grand opening of its flagship data center in Utah, complete with robot dogs for security, Novva is making major moves in the industry under the leadership of CEO Wes Swenson. In this Data Movers episode, Swenson provides more insight into his background and the things that make him tick, both as an innovator and person in general. 

 With a start in software and equipment sales, Wes caught a glimpse of the data center world and became intrigued by what he saw. From there he made the transition from sales to data center management was an easy move, as Wes notes views data centers as the physical side of technology. The experience he’s gained over the last 15 years combined with a passion for innovation has led him through the design of his Utah campus, which represents his vision for the future of data centers. 

When designing the massive data center, Wes and team made “zero compromises”. Everything from the ground up is purpose-built and designed with the future in mind. And while the facility itself is beautiful, the operations are also geared toward lowering the environmental impact of the operation with waterless cooling. Novva has utilized the geography of the area in order to harness the cooler air to help reduce the overall impact on the environment, which made Utah the obvious choice for Wes – among other reasons. As an avid outdoor recreation enthusiast with a particular passion for cycling, the state which boasts 5 national parks on top of scenic views, is home to some of the best outdoor recreation you can find. 

Click here to watch the full video and learn more about Wes and Novva Data Centers. 

To learn more about Novva Data Centers, go to www.novva.com.

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