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Novva Elaborates on the Sustainability and Inclusion Built Into Its Utah Center’s Unique Design in Latest Interview

2022 is off to a fast start for Novva. From the release of a case study highlighting its dark fiber ring partnership with Zayo to its recent recognition as the Utah Construction and Design’s Most Outstanding Data Center, CEO Wes Swenson was able to elaborate on some of the unique design features setting the center apart during a recent interview with JSA TV.

Sustainability has been a significant focus throughout the planning and building process for Novva’s flagship data center in Utah, with efforts extending beyond what you’d typically see in a sustainable center. For example, the building sits at an elevation to allow the center to use cold ambient air coming off of the Wasatch Range in addition to being low-humidity by design. Additionally, the center doesn’t permit plastic water bottles on-site. Instead, the building provides reusable water bottles and filtered water filling stations throughout the campus, making Novva environmentally conscious down to a granular level.

When selecting design finishes, Swenson and the entire Novva team had more than just sustainability in mind. Inclusivity of all visitors was of significant importance to the team as they designed what they feel to be the ideal data center. The center has a railing system with a Braille podium installed at the center’s mezzanine for those that might have questions and require tactile reading and writing systems for communication. The facility’s access ramps were intentionally included centered on the main stairway access allowing guests of all abilities to feel included at the same level, rather than relegated to an architectural after-thought.

While Swenson has a deep appreciation for the evolution of data centers up to this point, he also recognizes that the importance of the human element can get lost in the typical design process. This was one of the major driving forces when selecting the final finishes and components of Novva. The result has been a holistic approach to both the systems and the people operating within the center. 

To watch the full JSA TV interview, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYC8pZXE-hQ

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