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Novva Data Centers wins awards

Novva Data Centers Recognized For Innovation, Sustainability Efforts

Novva Data Centers is racking up awards as word gets out about its innovative work in the industry. 

The Salt Lake City-based state-of-the-art data center company providing purpose-built data center facilities in the Western United States earned four accolades in the month of August alone for its new data center builds and innovative technology employed in its existing facilities. 

The list of honors includes recognition in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards, and a spot for CEO Wes Swenson as Business Intelligence Group’s Sustainability Hero of the Year. Additionally, Novva Data Centers was shortlisted for the Global Carrier Awards Best Data Centre/Edge Service Innovation, and was nominated for the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) Innovation Award.

Novva credits its staff, clients and partners for these achievements. Here’s a closer look at each honor:

Innovation by Design Award

Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards recognize novel approaches to challenges facing businesses now and into the future. Novva entered for its proprietary water-free cooling system deployed at its data center in Salt Lake City, which effectively saves 300 million gallons of water per year. With sustainability at the forefront of each decision made, Novva designed its flagship data center to operate without water year round, use solar energy, and cool with ambient air. With attention increasingly growing on the drying up of the Great Salt Lake near Novva’s headquarters and the fact that the city has stopped issuing permits to water-inefficient businesses, economical water use is a key consideration for the state’s environmental future. Novva’s system effectively solves an issue many data center operators grapple with and saves precious resources in the process. For its innovative practices in its data centers, Novva took home Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award as an “on the rise” company.

Sustainability Hero of the Year

Business Intelligence Group’s Sustainability Hero of the Year honors an executive who was instrumental in enhancing their organization’s sustainability initiatives over the past year. Founder, investor, and CEO of Novva Data Centers Wes Swenson has sought to inspire industry change by building sustainability-focused facilities. His primary focus is on building facilities that consider sustainability first, not as an afterthought. Through interviews, thought leadership articles and his day-to-day work, Wes is considered a leader in the industry for his views on the importance of sustainability and innovation in data center design. Signature design features pioneered by Wes and his team can be found in every Novva facility, including the water-free cooling systems, renewable energy use drone and robot dog facility monitoring, and thoughtful design approaches that provide a one-of-a-kind, modern day data center experience. For his efforts, Wes was recognized as Business Intelligence Group’s Sustainability Hero of the Year.

Best Data Centre/Edge Service Innovation

Global Carrier Awards Best Data Centre/Edge Service Innovation highlights the most impressive advancements and innovations in data centers and edge services. Once again, Novva Data Centers’ unique approach to its flagship campus in Salt Lake City garnered the attention of judges, who deemed it impressive enough to make the shortlist for Best Data Centre/Edge Service Innovation. Novva’s water usage effectiveness is extremely low compared to other data centers as a result of the water-free system, and so is its power usage effectiveness. These positive outcomes can serve as a catalyst to other data center operators showing the gains that can be made by putting the environment first in facility design. 

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Innovation Award

The LVGEA Innovation Award is given to businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to innovation and economic development in the Las Vegas community. Novva Data Centers’ investment in a new campus, on which construction began in October 2021, will not only drive economic growth but also serve as a model of sustainability. Novva is implementing the same innovative technologies from the Salt Lake City campus as it expands with a new North Las Vegas facility being constructed with sustainability in mind using renewable energy. The 275,000-square-foot, 100MW, $400 million data center is expected to open later this year. This project garnered Novva a nomination for the LVGEA Innovation Award.

For more information about Novva, visit www.novva.com.

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